How to Make a Shared Room Work for Your Children

admin-2 August 9, 2018

If there are more children than bedrooms in your home, you would have to be creative in providing each one of them their own private sanctuary. And the one thing you must get right is the childrens beds.

No matter how small a bedroom is, you must provide kids with individual beds. Each one will serve as a space where they can relax, read, and sleep.

Decorate the beds the right way and they will serve more than just a space to sleep on.

Bunking Up

Bunk beds are a perfect choice to provide your children individual beds in a shared room. You just need to arrange them accordingly.

Arranging low line bunk beds in an L-shape, for example, opens up more floor space in the bedroom while giving your children a little extra face-to-face time.

If three kids will be sharing one room, twin beds arranged in a U-shape is an ideal solution.

But a more space-saving alternative is to install triple bunk beds. This will leave ample floor space for other accessories and tools.

Creative Divisions

Some children are not really into the idea of sharing space, especially those that want to choose their own decoration. In this case, matching decor would be a bad idea.

How do you divide and conquer without burning a hole through your pocket?

Hang a curtain on a track on the ceiling.

This is a cost-effective way to divide a room in half and allow your children to personalise each space.

Provide each one with their own childrens beds and leave the decorating to them.

Other ideas of dividing a room are using folding screens, shelves, and other furniture. Folding screens, however, is not recommended for young children who are prone to toppling things over.

If teens are sharing a bedroom, the best form of division is something functional like a space for studying.

Provide each one a desk and a floating shelf.

Add Matching Elements

This may be difficult to achieve considering that your children have different personalities and preferences. But it is possible to create a cohesive design.

A good option would be to buy the same bed and dresser. Your children can showcase their individuality through their choice of bedding. read more

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